Best 360 Waves Pomade

Best 360 Waves Pomade

Answer: What is the Best 360 waves pomade ?

To answer this question is very simple, Their is absolutely no number 1 360 waves pomade out their.  Everybody’s hair texture is not the same, therefor the only way to know which one works at holding your hair down and developing waves is to try as many differnt wave grease products you can find. For example, if after a week you try a pomade out and you see now results, you need to try another pomade until you find the one that works best for you. One thing you should note is that not all waves grease poomades work for the same person. Just because your friend is using sportin waves to get waves doesn’t mean that grease will work for you as well. So basically, u should try as many products you can separating them in weekly trials. If the 3rd product you tried does not work, start the next one.

Effectively, the total amount of times you should apply wave grease into your head is twice a week. If you go beyond twice a week, you risk killing your hair roots or even permanently damage it. It is known that everyones hair needs to breath just like your skin. In the mean time, you should focus on brushing your hair and being consistant with it which is the absolute key in any and all methods.

One of the ways to get 360 waves with 360 waves pomade fast is to start using specialized wave pomades such as Murrays, sportin waves, dax wave and groom, etc.. But at the same time, not all pomades work for everybody. Its possible that sportin waves only work for several people, or that murrays works better than nu-nile.. Some may say royal crown is good or that hair lotion works more better.

In order to get 360 waves with “sportin waves pomade” I would suggest using 360 style pomade. Before you start using the 360 waves pomade, you should get a hair cut first, then begin to use the pomade and brush it in. Don’t forget to also use a brush in the shower. Depending on your hair style, you may  a medium/soft brush, It depends on you. To get the complete fully detailed method, vist us at There you will find out the various methods on how to get waves, and based on your hair style, it will pick out the method for you.

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