How to Brush 360 waves

How to Brush 360 waves

Answer: How to Brush 360 waves

Learning how to brush 360 waves the proper way is the best method you can ever learn how how to get waves and have your waves connecting in a 360 pattern. Start from the crown (top) of your head and start to brush 360 waves forward. As of the top of your head, you should brush 360 waves “back to front” the front being wear your forehead starts. Back of your head should brush 360 waves in a “top to bottom” direction. bottom being the part closet to your neck. Your sides should be brushed in an angle of 90 degrees from the crown to your chick bones. For more illustrations and in-dept tutorials, go ahead and check out —-> One thing to note is that, whenever you have time to brush your hair, take advantage of it. Everyone should form a routine of brushing your hair in the shower. doing this, will train your hair to become softer and more manageable while continuing your 360 waves process. If you look towards the bottom, I have provided an illustration on the directions on which you should brush your hair to obtain maximum results. To find out which brush is recommended for you, I suggest you order the tutorial guide. Remember, Brush, brush, brush, and more brushing your hair will speed up the process in developing your 360 wave pattern. I am positive that if you brush your hair 3-5 times a day for a few weeks, you WILL see results. Although brushing is a very important aspect in developing waves, it is not the only aspect to getting waves, because some people are lucky to the point that all they have to do is brush their hair, but majority of us is not lucky and therefor, we need extra hair care products to achieve the same results such as pomade, shampoo etc. The right products you need can all be found in the tutorial guide.


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