Wolfing 360 Waves

Wolfing 360 Waves

How to Wolf 360 Hair Waves:

The wolfing 360 waves method is commonly known as a process where you allow your hair to grow out pass 1 inch or the term barbers use, “wave length”. Why do people wolf their hair? People that wolf their hair out are most likely trying to develop a deeper 360 wave pattern and this method is also used by people who wish to have a better 360 connection. The wolfing 360 waves method is the most difficult method as far as developing 360 hair waves. There is a constant need to keep your hair moistened and soft. Managing your hair will be more difficult because people with wolfed hair are often frizzy and gets tangled. In this process, it is acceptable to use shampoo more often. The ultimate goal in wolfing 360 waves is to actually have waves with thicker longer hair, if you are able to still have waves while your hair is greater than 2 inches, then you have greatly improved your waves and it is now more deeper due to the fact that your hair is longer. Is there a limit to how much you should grow your hair out in order to maintain the wolfing process? The answer is yes, you do not want to grow your hair out beyond the point that your hair can no longer lay flat on your head. Now when you cut your hair back to wave length, you will notice that your waves are even more longer. But then again, every one may not obtain these results due to not knowing which shampoo to use, whether or not they should start using a comb or a soft brush, all of these tips and tricks can be found in the tutorial guide however. Find out more about wolfing 360 waves, visit here —–> http://www.360-waves.com

One Thought on “Wolfing 360 Waves

  1. waveman on October 15, 2012 at 7:40 pm said:

    i find myself using this wolfing method the most when I want to deepen my 360 hair waves

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