This guy in the photo is displaying a very good example of clean 360 hair waves. I did a study with more than 200+ African American men wishing to get 360 waves. This study took me more than a year. Within that year, I was able to conclude that 98% of African American men who followed my steps, got waves better and quicker than other regular methods. Everyone was amazed with the results, and how quickly they achieved the results. My tutorial is mainly for individuals who have literally tried EVERYTHING and have yet to see little to no results. The guide was made to pin point out the various thing people are are doing wrong in their daily methods and to correct these mistakes they do not realize there doing. Once you realize the various mistakes your doing which prevents you from developing the 360 waves pattern, you will correct them and almost quickly notice improvements every week. Although brushing is key and is a very important aspect in developing 360 waves, most individuals do not know exactly what needs to be done previously in order to really jump start the 360 hair waves process. 

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