The method you use for applying wave pomade is very important. If you rub any hair pomade in your hair the wrong way, you can expect your waves to not fully connect 360. Second thing you should keep in mind is what pomade will work for you. Not all pomades will work for everybody. In my tutorial I will explain which pomade out of 360 style, Dax wave & groom, Sporting waves, Murrays, Royal crown you should use. Maybe only 2 out of 5 will only work for you.

Each pomade is different. Why go to the store and buy all these pomades to test out when you can find out instantly which one works for you.
In my tutorial, not only will you learn how to get 360 waves in less than 3-4 weeks. But, you will also learn how to maintain it, and how to get a deeper 360 hair wave connection like the image on the left..

If you already have waves, but want to have a more professional look, my tutorial will teach you the various techniques you can use to improve the look and thickness of your 360 hair waves.

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